Find a Keyword – Back Pain and CBD


My immediate intention was to write a brief post on back pain and whether taking CBD might help. Like all bloggers and marketers using the internet, this ambition would be enhanced by finding a keyword, or keyword phrase, that would encourage SEO. I have written an entire essay on this subject, ‘What Makes an Article SEO Friendly?’ please read it – it may change your life (certainly if you are a marketer!)


Tools and Methodology

I used only a single tool, and that was Jaaxy – an extraordinary source of information and one that has the special ability of resolving SEO outcomes. Here listed below, are Jaaxy’s guidelines for keyword success:

  1.  Avg: A global estimate of overall traffic per month. I was aiming for a figure greater than 100 (Rule 1).
  2. Traffic: If you are on the first page of Google, then this refers to the estimated traffic you might receive per month. Here I was searching for a figure greater than 40.
  3. QSR. Quoted Search Results ie, the exact number of websites on Google that your site would compete with. Here, I desired something that scored less than 100 (Rule 2).
  4. KQI. Keyword Quality Indicator – the selected keyword should make grammatical sense (Rule 3).
  5. SEO. This was the calculation of all the metrics shown as a percentage – an SEO of say 95% is assessed as being excellent.



I opened Jaaxy and keyed in ‘Backpain’. Up came a series of keywords accompanied by their indicators as explained above:

                                                              Avg  Traffic  QSR   KQI  SEO%                                                                                                      

  • Backpain                                        48      9            100     Great    89                    I was particularly taken with the word ‘sciatica’, partly because I had been reading about neuropathic pain and partly because a WA member who had kindly commented on my website, had told me that he had been a sufferer. ‘Backpain’ clearly failed as a keyword because of Rule 1. And sciatica, because I had included it in my post on neuropathic pain. Although, two sciatica keywords almost made the grade but were slightly low on Google traffic:
  • Sciatica backpain relief                199     34        89      Great     97
  • Sciatica backpain treatment       110      19        54       Great    97


I then developed the keywords by applying the word ‘treatment’ to the framework. This produced, after adding ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ and then ‘severe’, two very fine keywords. I must commend Jaaxy for introducing ‘herniated disc’ which I would never have thought of:

  • Severe lower back treatment        313    54      42       Great    94
  • Herniated disc l-back treatment  281   48       19       Great    95

Although the herniated disc was an excellent keyword, I still wished to put CBD into the mix. I then tried a few combinations but to my surprise found that a typical and quite unremarkable keyword, actually was very superior. And it was to be my selection for use in my post on back pain – see below:

  • CBD and back pain                         417   71        23      Great    96



The exercise was pleasing on a number of levels, most especially because the selected keyword was uncomplicated, yet succinct. The overall traffic per month at 417 (Rule 1) was particularly gratifying, as was the QSR of 23      (Rule 2). One might even say that this short piece on ‘Find a keyword’ will prove to be an excellent springboard for my planned post: ‘CBD and Back Pain’.


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