Your CBD Mentor: CBD and Neuropathic Pain

CBDPure and me
CBDPure and me

Neuropathic Pain Relief.


Neuropathic pain is caused by a malfunction of the Somatosensory system. The pain, its etiology and treatment is unquestionably complex and to some eyes, a mishmash, but one thing is wholly certain it can often hurt like the very billeo! If you are lucky, and I mean this in a completely compassionate sense, the damaged nerves are so weakened or even disabled that they cannot transmit effectively to the brain – which leads to a sensation of numbness. Otherwise, you may well experience the reverse – pain, sometimes continuous and sometimes in the form of shocks or stabbing pain and, alas for about 5% of the population, sometimes so severe that you feel you could chew your entire leg (or some other limb) off! It is not to be trifled with. In this post I shall necessarily focus on the use of CBD and neuropathic pain. No scientific evidence lends any  direct support, but anecdotal evidence is unquestionably widespread and unequivocally positive.

What Causes Neuropathic Pain?


In broad terms any damage or trauma to the sensory nervous system can cause pain. Type 1 Diabetes patients who take a savoir faire approach to their condition are prime candidates, but then a wide range of other conditions can initiate neuropathic pain, such as cancer and cancer treatments, MS, alcoholism, stroke, poisoning, HIV, physical trauma, vitamin B deficiency, – even carpal tunnel syndrome which to many non-professionals appears to be a relatively nonthreatening condition, but can really be quite beastly. In all cases there will have been damage to the nerves.

Neuropathic pain, and I speak from my own experience, rarely begins instantaneously following the event, so to speak. It sneaks up on you. It has a long-term plan. I’m told also that some patients report that the intensity of pain can be wholly different and even variable – it all depends.

Doctors often have a difficult time diagnosing neuropathic pain – and their patient’s replies: the descriptions are often so vague and multifarious – some saying the pain is like a knife, it’s hot/cold, stinging even itchy, deep and dull or deep and throbbing, quite often its just unrelenting and very very sore.

More on my Own Experience of Neuropathic Pain by Maximus.


CBD and Neuropathic Pain.
Maximus von Marwick

I am Maximus, your CBD mentor. Mine was first caused by physical trauma when I was 16 years old. It took generations to really reveal itself and fortunately, possibly because of my own early use of CBD, I have never experienced the full force of neuropathic pain. The diagnosis was based all those years ago on my all too frequent experiences of concussion – the first, I recall was as a schoolboy playing rugby in nineteen-fifties. It was severe – total amnesia for about 20 minutes, during which time I actually returned to the field, and played, not in a stupor as one might expect but with great verve, even though afterwards, I had no memory of the encounter. The following Saturday I turned out again for the team and without doubt suffered another concussion, but fortunately not as severe. Such head injuries in those far-off days were not taken too seriously.

CBD OIl and Neuropathic Pain
Ellerman Lines ‘City of Port Elizabeth’ in Cape Town.

At about this time I began experiencing migraines accompanied by an aura of rows of flashing lights. As a youngster I went to sea with Ellerman Lines of London and Liverpool, and while attempting to intervene in a street fight in Sydney on a New Years eve, received a brutal beating to the head – causing concussion. Isn’t it silly how I can continue remembering all those fights – although to be honest the great majority were truly glorious victories! In fact the last was on my 70th birthday when I vanquished a 48-year old – my Chief Engineer in fact. A terribly rash fellow I fear – as my bosun commented afterwards: hadn’t the man seen me punch a steel bulkhead before? He had to be treated ashore in hospital for double vision and a badly cut eyebrow.

But I digress, even as a teenager I had been told that the cause of the migraines had possibly been the frequent concussions. These continued later as a university student, again playing rugby. I continued to play the sport well into my thirties when the collisions only increased in intensity. The migraines actually diminished in frequency and ferocity with time, with just the aura remaining. Then in my seventies, like the wicked witch they returned – still infrequently but sometimes bringing a stabbing pain – as if a butcher’s knife was being thrust determinedly and firmly into the very center of my brain.

But, “Oh joy!”, it was during this period that a loyal shipmate appeared on the eastern horizon bringing an astonishing gift and something I shall forever be grateful for, because knowing of my ill-health and coming from abroad, he carried a large bottle of CBDPure. What perspicacity, what genius! This was unquestionably life changing and made me a life-long disciple. Do I really care that faceless medical bureaucrats have still not accepted its veracity? Never!

Treatment of Neuropathic Pain.


The comforting news here is that overdosing on CBD or even THC for that matter, is virtually inconceivable, because according to the National Cancer Association, “…cannabiniod receptors, unlike opioid receptors, are not located in the brainstem areas controlling respiration, lethal overdoses from cannabis and cannabinoids do not occur.”

It is interesting and probably relevant that an amorphous condition like neuropathic pain – I call it this because it is difficult to grasp, to pin down, will often be treated by what pharmacists call “off-label”. That is, medication that has been approved for other conditions, but helps with neuropathic pain. There are a many types of antidepressants and antiseizure medications that have shown to be helpful, as well as medication for heart arrhythmias. Of course, when we deal with suffering, there will always be the choice of asking the Dark Lord for sanctuary – here I refer to narcotics. I shall never be critical, because I know the pleasure and relief he brings. However one must always speak to one’s doctor in this regard – whenever pain becomes unbearable.

Use CBDPure.


But let us consider CBD, and in particular CBDPure – a tincture of renown and the best CBD oil in the world. I have a post dedicated entirely to CBDPure – ‘Your CBD Mentor: CBDPure – the best CBD Oil’. Please give it a read, I am sure you will find it a source of great interest.


Conclusion – CBD and Neuropathic Pain.

This post, ‘CBD and neuropathic pain’ is difficult to summarize satisfactorily. Neuropathic pain is hard to pin down: the diagnosis by the medics, the patients description of their condition, how to treat it? Is much like chasing shadows. Even the treatment is so often off-label. You can use opiates with immediate success and relief, but therein lies great danger. And then there is simple, insubstantial CBD – a mere bauble among the other pharmaceutical heavyweights. Will it succeed for you? I say give it a try, because it worked for me – perhaps not totally, but enough, to give me peace.

My very best wishes to you all,

Yours aye,





Please note that the statements above, with reference to CBD and CBDPure have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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