The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil.

Preamble: CBD Buyers Guide


I should like to make a flying start by referring to the celebrated Dr Jacob Teitelbaum MD, the internationally renowned researcher and author, who said in 2019, “…CBD [is] a powerful pain, insomnia and anxiety-relieving tool“. (Quod est, est – my own words). It is so very encouraging when a such an eminent person makes a statement like that. Especially because it harmonizes perfectly with my own experiences and indeed with many millions of other ordinary people. And so, for this and for many other reasons, I have written the ‘Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil’,


That my website, to date, has focused on CBDPure is undeniable. This is principally because I am a user and that is unquestionably one of the most important issues in my life – like an old Ford I have been overhauled, and that is why I have called it ‘Restoration’. Secondly, I am an affiliate marketer for CBDPure and the income source is important. However, as a website operating under the aegis of Google, I like all owners of websites, must restrain myself and not gild the lilly so to speak.

But it is clear that my focus has perhaps been too rigid and even the site too academic perhaps. That is not necessarily a bad thing as there will be readers wanting more comprehensive information. So my new strategy will be to develop this Guide further and should any of you need more information, all you need do is follow a link or click on the Blog Roll. But now is the time for change. I have now resolved to incorporate the posts into a shorter, magazine type format, and, add more topics.

How to live for a 100 years
      Methuselah – died age 969.


Recently I wrote a post on how to live for a 100 years, which did include a mention of CBD. But it does indicate a departure from my original and narrow focus. Finally, one fine day, I shall hopefully move onto the ‘Earth’. An area of anxiety for many people and in my experience, especially the young. They have a genuine concern about the future of our planet and the fear that the world’s leaders do not possess the ability to solve the problem of global warming. Indeed – to solve any international problem. My own area of special concern is trees and I hope that I can one day put a coherent strategy into place.


But those subjects will be pounced upon only once I have fully explored the CBD market.


Choosing the Best CBD Oil

 I just followed the Rules and Common Sense!

These rules are most important because if you check out the CBD you are interested in against them. You will soon discover if the oil is premium quality or not.

  1. Rule No.1 and in my opinion the most consequential: Has the CBD oil you aim to buy been Quality Tested by an independent third-party laboratory?  This is of the utmost importance because studies show that there is a veritable flood of fake CBD oil on the market. It is expensive to have another lab test your product. The premium producers do the right thing and ensure third-party testing. The results are then released to the public. This is not a small matter and I urge you all, assuming you are considering buying another type of oil, to check if they too maintain standards.
  2. Rule No.2: Is the oil tested for safety and quality? Is it full-spectrum oil? + tested for the following: Cannabinoid profiling; Pesticide and herbicide testing; Microbiological screening; Terpene analysis; Residual solvent testing.
  3. Rule No.3: Further tests that will ensure that the oil is top of the range. Standards listed below must be followed: Soils tested for toxins; Only non-GMO seeds planted; Pesticides and herbicides never used; Only chemical-free natural fertilizers employed; Harvesting the plants is done by manual and mechanical methods; CO2 extraction only is used; During bottling only naturally extracted hemp-carrier oil is employed; CBDPure strives at every stage of the process to operate its business surrounded by the spirit of organic standards; Laboratory tests are always recorded and can be viewed by anyone, at any time.
  4. Rule No.4: This one is my own rule: The crop must be grown in Colorado, and bottled in the US. Is this too tough? Perhaps so. One thing for sure, it will maintain standards.


CBD and me

* 600 mg Bottle: $54.99 or $0.09 per ml.

* 1000 mg Bottle; $79.99 or $0.08 per ml.


Your CBD info Source? Maximus of course!

CBDPure and me
Maximus von Marwick

Who can resist a little doggerel? First, I was called uncle Bob. A name chosen a group of commercial divers – a sector of humanity widely known for their courage, energy and camaraderie but also, for their often shameless audacity and damn cheek. What is undeniable is that I am an aged survivor.


In 2006 as a master mariner, I was part of a team of salvors that included the divers, working to re-float the CP Valour, a container ship that had run aground on the western side of Faial Island in the Azores. When these young fellows first called me Uncle Bob and then sometimes Uncle or Papa Gandalf, I was somewhat peeved – probably feeling then that I hardly looked like the elderly rustic Gandalf. But what about now?


With such impudent young buggers, what can you do but accept it? With time, the name morphed quite spectacularly into other names – Cap, Uncle Mike, Uncle Maximus – even Mad Mike and Mad Max and perhaps, loftily, the somewhat grandiose Maximum Maximus.

Money tree in Wylie Park
‘Home is the sailor home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.’ The money-tree in Wylie Park.

Since my illness, but only after calm had finally descended – as if a battered and storm-lashed ship had finally sailed into a safe harbor, I have inevitably become known as just plain Maximus.


I know I look pretty aged and I suppose that the nineties are now in sight. Born in the Orkneys, within earshot of the thunderous waves of its western coast and of course quite near the famous Marwick Head or as the old Orkadians called it: Myrr Vik Head. As a sailor, cosmologist and philosopher, I have sailed the briny blue and learned the secrets of the stars. Who else, certainly not the modern sailor, would even know who Marqc St Hilaire, Nicolaus Copernicus and Andromeda were – perhaps shipmates of mine?



The Secrets of the Stars

I added a snatch from Star Wars simply to get the blood flowing – it is such stirring music isn’t it? I have always found music to be such an enormous comfort, especially so when pain is grasping you with its bony fingers. That’s when I would turn up the volume and play Star Wars really very loudly. Remember what Ahsoka Tano said, “This is a new day, a new beginning” (From Star Wars Episode 1, the Phantom Menace).

A CBD Blog

I have written some pretty comprehensive posts on a number of pressing issues such as pain, anxiety and insomnia – which in fact was the original title of my website: Restoration – CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia.


Here are the titles of my previous posts. I have linked them in case you would like to read the original essays:


My new plan is to throw my website open to a general reader, one with perhaps not too much time available and who wants to find out, pretty quickly, what the most suitable CBD oil for their needs is. That really will be elementary because there is really only one CBD oil that ticks all the boxes and that is CBDPure.


My ‘Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil’ as I have called it will of course increase in size with time as I add new titles and new information. Nothing is cast in bronze on this site.


Please note that I am not a medical practitioner. My knowledge of CBD has been hard won over some years. Pure experience: some areas I know more about – for example, pain plus a specialized pain that the medical world calls neuropathic pain. Once serious pain has visited and you are now relatively free of it, you will always keep a sharp lookout for its return. My description of it: it’s like a savage beast lurking in the high hills surrounding you just yearning to come rushing down again to start trying to chew your leg off – or some other dreadful thing! I also know a little about CBD so I feel I can put these things together and offer some worthwhile counsel.


Best CBD for Pain?

Please, should you want more information on the subject, click ‘Best CBD for Pain‘. The essay contains a wealth of good advice.


Best CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief

Similarly with anxiety – it would be foolish to attempt to redefine anxiety when there is already an excellent essay dealing with the subject: please hit ‘Anxiety‘.


Insomnia and CBD

Resting Bengal Tiger

Resting Bengal Tiger


In general, sleep is a critically important part of living. After all, you do spend a massive amount of time in your bed and sleep is just as important as food and water. If you don’t take care of the amount and quality of your sleep, you will, sooner or later, experience very serious health problems.


Maximus does know a thing or two about ‘good sleeping’ and indeed, ‘rotten sleeping’, Think of what kind of lifestyle you as an insomniac must have. Just look at that grand animal above – enjoying total rest and relaxation! Hopefully, even just a minor tweak of your behavior could see your sleep improve directly. Please be so kind as to click the link to my essay ‘Best CBD Oil for Insomnia‘.


How to Live for a 100 Years

This is rather a favourite of mine because I believe that many more people will make their century than is currently the case. Notwithstanding the current Corona-19 pandemic – the global focus on finding a vaccine, powered by a  concerted international research push should be a good predictor of success.


In the essay I introduce 12 ways to extend your life. There is no mystery there – my two favorites are drinking plenty of coffee (4 stars) and eating nuts with gay abandon (3 stars). Plus a hope for the future: the drug metformin. But let us not debate the issues here, because there is a perfectly good essay waiting to be read ‘How to Live for a 100 Years‘.



It has been a real pleasure writing this. But ‘The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil’ is not the end because I shall, in the future, add more. But for the moment I must get my website up and running again.

Best wishes to you all



FDA Disclosure 

Please note that the statements above, with reference to CBDPure, marijuana and CBD have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. Users should not disregard, or delay in obtaining, medical advice for any medical condition they may have, and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.









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