The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil.

Preamble: CBD Buyers Guide


I should like to make a flying start by referring to the celebrated Dr Jacob Teitelbaum MD, the internationally renowned researcher and author, who said in 2019, “…CBD [is] a powerful pain, insomnia and anxiety-relieving tool“. (Quod est, est – my own words). It is so very encouraging when a such an eminent person makes a statement like that. Especially because it harmonizes perfectly with my own experiences and indeed with many millions of other ordinary people.


That my website, to date, has focused on CBDPure is undeniable. This is principally because I am a user and that is unquestionably one of the most important issues in my life – like an old Ford I have been overhauled, and that is why I have called it ‘Restoration’. Secondly, I am an affiliate marketer for CBDPure and the income source is important.

But it is clear that this focus has perhaps been too rigid and even the site too academic perhaps. But now is the time for change. I have now resolved to incorporate the posts into a shorter, magazine type format, and, add more topics. You will also find that I have used the handy device of offering an extensive CBD and marijuana FAQ section. Previously, this information had been distributed throughout the website, making it hard for a visitor to find.


How to live for a 100 years
      Methuselah – died age 969.

Recently I wrote a post on how to live for a 100 years, which did include a mention of CBD. But it does indicate a departure from my original and narrow focus. Finally, one fine day, I shall hopefully move onto the ‘Earth’. An area of anxiety for many people and in my experience, especially the young. They have a genuine concern about the future of our planet and the fear that the world’s leaders do not possess the ability to solve the problem of global warming. Indeed – to solve any international problem. My own area of special concern is trees and I hope that I can one day put a coherent strategy into place.


But those subjects will be pounced upon only once I have fully explored the CBD market. My ambition is to convince you all that CBDPure is the very best and the oil of your choice.


Choosing the Best CBD Oil

 I just followed the Rules!

Actually, I have made it easy for you and have made my choice – the best CBD oil is unquestionably CBDPure. And let me explain why – please read on.

  1. Rule No.1: Has the CBD oil you want to buy been Quality Tested by an independent third-party laboratory?  This is of the utmost importance because studies show that there is a veritable flood of fake CBD oil on the market. It is expensive to have another lab test your product. CBDPure does the right thing and ensures third-party testing. The results are then released to the public. This is not a small matter and I urge you all, assuming you are considering buying another type of oil, to check if they too maintain standards.
  2. Rule No.2: Is the oil tested for safety and quality. CBDPure is a full-spectrum oil tested for the following: Cannabinoid profiling; Pesticide and herbicide testing; Microbiological screening; Terpene analysis; Residual solvent testing.
  3. Rule No.3: CBDPure has certified that the standards listed below are followed: Soils are tested for toxins; Only non-GMO seeds are planted; Pesticides and herbicides are never used; Only chemical-free natural fertilizers are employed; Harvesting the plants is done by manual and mechanical methods; CO2 extraction only is used; During bottling only naturally extracted hemp-carrier oil is employed; CBDPure strives at every stage of the process to operate its business surrounded by the spirit of organic standards; They use the route of the least possible processing at all times, laboratory tests are always recorded and can be viewed by anyone, at any time.
  4. Rule No.4: The crop is grown, actually in Colorado, and bottled in the US. It is an entirely family-owned company and has been in the market for many years.

* 600 mg Bottle: $54.99 or $0.09 per ml.

* 1000 mg Bottle; $79.99 or $0.08 per ml.

* I would truly be astonished if anyone could produce a finer product at such a sharp price!

CBD and me



Your CBD info Source?

CBDPure and me
Maximus von Marwick

Is Maximus of course! Who can resist a little doggerel? First, I was called uncle Bob. A name chosen a group of commercial divers – a sector of humanity widely known for their courage, energy and camaraderie but also, for their often shameless audacity and damn cheek. What is undeniable is that I am an aged survivor.


In 2006 as a master mariner, I was part of a team of salvors that included the divers, working to re-float the CP Valour, a container ship that had run aground on the western side of Faial Island in the Azores. When these young fellows first called me Uncle Bob and then sometimes Uncle or Papa Gandalf, I was somewhat peeved – probably feeling then that I hardly looked like the elderly rustic Gandalf. But what about now?


With such impudent young buggers, what can you do but accept it? With time, the name morphed quite spectacularly into other names – Cap, Uncle Mike, Uncle Maximus – even Mad Mike and Mad Max and perhaps, loftily, the somewhat grandiose Maximum Maximus.

Money tree in Wylie Park
‘Home is the sailor home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.’ The money-tree in Wylie Park.

Since my illness, but only after calm had finally descended – as if a battered and storm-lashed ship had finally sailed into a safe harbor, I have inevitably become known as just plain Maximus.


I know I look pretty aged and I suppose that the nineties are now in sight. Born in the Orkneys, within earshot of the thunderous waves of its western coast and of course quite near the famous Marwick Head or as the old Orkadians called it: Myrr Vik Head. As a sailor, cosmologist and philosopher, I have sailed the briny blue and learned the secrets of the stars. Who else, certainly the modern sailor, would even know who Marqc St Hilaire, Nicolaus Copernicus and Andromeda were – perhaps shipmates of mine? Even though I am no medic or chemist, many acquaintances trust my judgment unreservedly. If I perhaps said, “Use CBDPure”, they might very likely respond, “Aye aye sir” and comply. I do make this statement with tongue in cheek, of course.

A CBD Blog

I have written some pretty comprehensive posts on a number of pressing issues such as pain, anxiety and insomnia – which in fact was the original title of my website: Restoration – CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia. Plus, I have written more posts on: CBD for the elderly, neuropathic pain, cancer and a personal favorite – a history of opioids and painkillers. But these were all somewhat academic and scientific and more of interest to a narrow band of readers.


My new plan is to throw my website open to a general reader, one with perhaps not too much time available and who wants to find out, pretty quickly, what the most suitable CBD oil for their needs is. That really will be elementary because there is really only one CBD oil that ticks all the boxes and that is CBDPure.


My ‘ultimate guide’ as I have called it will of course increase in size with time as I add new titles and new information. Nothing is cast in bronze on this site.


Please note that I am not a medical practitioner. My knowledge of CBD has been hard won over some years. Pure experience: some areas I know more about – for example, pain plus a specialized pain that the medical world calls neuropathic pain. Once serious pain has visited and you are now relatively free of it, you will always keep a sharp lookout for its return. My description of it: it’s like a savage beast lurking in the high hills surrounding you just yearning to come rushing down again to start trying to chew your leg off – or some other dreadful thing! I also know a little about CBD so I feel I can put these things together and offer some worthwhile counsel.


My plan of action: after a short introduction on Cannabis and CBD, plus a really informative section called FAQs, I shall start with a particular interest of mine and that is anxiety. I have had first-hand experience of anxiety. It is a condition that has now mutated into this really frightful worldwide problem.


A History of Cannabis in the World

We know from history that cannabis has a very ancient lineage. Archaeologists know that it was cultivated in Japan in the pre-Neolithic period in 8000 BC. This would have been in the last phase of the Stone Age when animals were domesticated and the first tentative steps in agriculture were initiated. Even though the hemp fibers of the plant would have been used for textiles for centuries, my suspicion that knowing of man’s, let us say, ignoble motivations he would have very soon discovered the plant’s narcotic qualities.

A history of cannabis
Ebers Papyrus 1550 BC


The celebrated Ebers Papyrus, dated C.1550 BC was purchased in Luxor, Egypt by Georg Ebers of Germany in 1873/74. Contains an account of the current medical knowledge and refers to approximately 700 examples of indigenous medicine and magical spells. It also has evidence of their use of marijuana.


However, this is not the oldest Egyptian reference to the use of THC or marijuana. That can be seen on Plate A26, in the Ramesseum III Papyrus, dated C.1700 BC, discovered by Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie FRS (1895-6) and now in the British Museum in London.

A history of cannabis
Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie


Sir William was part of a group of European Egyptologists who really pioneered research into ancient artifacts in Egypt and the Middle East.


In ancient China the first reference to cannabis appeared during the Han Dynasty – 206 BC to AD 220. And offered advice for many conditions like:

  • constipation,
  • menstrual symptoms,
  • wounds,
  • ulcers,
  • poisoning,
  • rheumatism,
  • nausea, and most importantly in this context – see below where it has been reported that some patients feel nausea.
  • pain.


Looking at this list, and especially at pain, nausea, menstrual symptoms one can see a ‘similarity’ between the needs of ordinary people and our own interest in CBD and cannabis. It is humbling I think to consider that we have been treating pain with cannabis for 2000 years.

A History of cannabis
           Dionysus god of Wine and Fertility


Of course, it would have been marijuana (containing the narcotic THC), that would have been used. Other ancient civilizations and societies also used cannabis including India, and Greece. When one reads about Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, pleasure, partying and general wild behavior you can be sure that he would have enjoyed a puff or two of marijuana. The equivalent Roman god was Bacchus.


In the US, cannabis was introduced in the middle of the 19th
century through William B. O’Shaughnessy a doctor of Irish descent. It became a very popular tincture where the leaves and buds of the plant were soaked in alcohol. Out in the country, the alcohol of choice I would have guessed, would have been moonshine – mainly because of cost. And you can imagine the effect such a solution could have had on an unsuspecting patient – a thumping great humongous shock, I would have guessed.


About 90 years after it first appeared and because of the low esteem marijuana was held by lawmakers it was delisted from the US National Dispensary. We now know of the marvelous attributes of this quite remarkable plant and researchers bemoan the setback this ruling meant to science.


Henslow 'I don't know. It's a mystery'
Shakespeare in Love. Henslow ‘I don’t know. It’s a mystery’


I should also like to say a few words on narcotics, especially the opiates. And I have done so in a post – please see ‘A history of Opioids and Painkillers’. One can hardly compare them and the relatively humble CBD. I look at my own experience and am astonished that I have achieved such good fortune. Opiates have such enormous power, yet how has the rather small CBD been able to do so much? I remember with pleasure the 1999, seven Academy Award winner, “Shakespeare in Love”. Geoffrey Rush, who plays Henslow and who relies on a standard reply to any number of different questions – it is always, “I don’t know. It’s a mystery.” Exactly my own sentiments.


FAQs – CBD Oil and Marijuana

  • CBD and me
      Cannabis plant

    Aren’t CBD, cannabis and marijuana the same thing? Yes and no. Marijuana (THC) is very definitely cannabis – what I like to think of as ‘classic’ cannabis. But the cannabis plant used for CBD and perhaps surprisingly, because it looks the same, has had the THC virtually bred out of it, becomes the hemp plant which we now use in this industry.

  • What is a cannabinoid? It is a group of compounds, including CBD and THC, found in the cannabis plant.
  • What is cannabidiol (CBD) and how does it work? It is the scientific word for CBD Oil and CBD is the most abundant of all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. When ingested, the cannabinoids of which there are at least 113, bind to the receptors of the human endocannabinoid (EC) system. CBD is clearly is a good thing for all of us. It is totally safe and is not narcotic. If you are scientifically inclined, for more on this please click here ….
  • So, what is the difference between marijuana and CBD oil? Perhaps we should clear up very quickly the difference between CBD oil and THC. Both are obtained from the cannabis plant and both are cannabinoids. Marijuana is narcotic and CBD is not. By legislation CBD must contain less than 0.03% of TFC.
  • I am quite puzzled by the fact that say that CBD is a good thing for us when the real power in the plant, ie the THC has been bred out of it. Wouldn’t you say that is a fair question? Absolutely, and it’s a jolly good question too. Why I emphasized above that the product is non-narcotic is of great significance because of the reputation that THC has for being a drug with a poor image it has developed over the generations. That CBD can perform, apparently, such astonishing good, without any help from marijuana at all, is totally mind-boggling! I certainly thought so when I first came across CBD and was for a while quite scornful, believing that its reputation for success rested entirely on a placebo effect. How wrong I was. Click here to follow up on research into this question ……..
  • What is THC? Tetrahydrocannabinoil, the scientific word for THC. It is an intoxicant and normally called marijuana or dope.
  • If I use CBDPure or any CBD oil copiously will I get zonked? Absolutely not. CBDPure is non-narcotic. I am proud to state that given CBDPure’s controls, that it would be impossible. But please note that I do not officially represent CBDPure. Please also be aware that in such a burgeoning industry as ours, that there will be some brands that might say their product is CBD but in fact it may contain > 0.03% of THC – or even some other narcotic consequently it is not CBD and theoretically you could become inebriated. Incidentally, the 0.03% limit is a Federal government limit.
  • If I use CBDPure will I fail a drug test? Most unlikely – based obviously on the 0.03%. This is my opinion. However, CBDPure or indeed any other manufacturer would never guarantee you passing a drug test.
  • Can you prove that CBDPure works? You make it hard for me because, officially, I cannot say yes, even if I believe it does because the federal government ie Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must first accept the efficacy of CBD. However, it has worked spectacularly well for me and I suspect it will work without being certain.
  • Where do you obtain your CBD oil? CBDPure gets its product from their fields in Colorado. It is organically grown and is totally free of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Do you test CBDPure for safety and quality? CBDPure has an enviable reputation to uphold. It is a long-established company that is proud of its heritage and its products. It is a full-spectrum oil and also the most natural obtainable. A customer is able to request the lot number and batch for each bottle of CBD they purchase, should they so desire.
  • Do you offer a return policy? Another big affirmative. CBDPure pledges that all its products sold come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Can you ship CBDPure to every state? Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill which allows CBDPure to be shipped to every state. Additionally, we ship to Canada and the UK.
  • Could CBD oil make me feel sick? There has appeared the occasional report that some people have experienced nausea and/or upset stomach. The nausea I find strange, particularly as CBD is known to cure the condition and has been used for 2000 years to treat nausea. However, I guess there will always be a patient who has a contra-response. An upset stomach is feasible because, as many of we older folk know, as children we were given a spoon of olive oil if we were constipated because it could help. Oil can produce action and CBD is after all, an oil. I suggest if it happens to you, reduce the dose and you will find your body will quickly become accustomed to it.
  • CBD Oil and marijuana
    Colorado Hemp Farm

    Could I fall ill from ingesting pesticides used by the farmers to spray their crops to discourage bugs from attacking the plant? The hemp plant of choice grown by CBDPure in Colorado is a certified organic-standard plant. No pesticides or herbicides are permitted anywhere on the property and a third-party laboratory has been contracted to test each batch produced. CBDPure is quite the best CBD oil in the land!

  • What is meant by Terpene Analysis? – CBDPure is a full spectrum Cannabinoid and consequently Terpenes are critically important in its creation. They are identified by using chromatography and are aromatic compounds that give the product its unique scent and taste – but more importantly perhaps, they have a singular effect on the body’s Endocannabiniod System (ECS).
  • What is Residual Solvent Testing? – It identifies the presence of harmful solvents and impurities.
  • How much CBD oil can I take per day? Many people ask me that question and let me answer it immediately – researchers report that 1500 mg can be ingested per day without problem. I personally, considering my somewhat precarious condition, take relatively little every day – at a body weight of 154 pounds or 70 kg, my ordinary dose is 20 mg per day (divided into two doses). However, when pain strikes I do take more, and it helps – up to 60 mg per day. According to my estimates, this, for a relatively light man, is a very strong dose. My strategy is always to try to reduce this quantity as soon as possible. And to be quite honest this is partly because it is expensive. My CBD of choice – the best of the best is CBDPure, and in January this year it reduced its prices dramatically and this must have changed many people’s lives. Please consult my post, “Order CBD Online” for advice on how much to take and how to take it.
  • What do you mean by CO2 extraction? CBDPure is committed to selling a totally organic product. CO2 extraction of CBD oil is top of the range, the most effective and incidentally the most expensive method of extraction. CBDPure use it because it is non-toxic and most importantly no extra chemicals are added to the process. Additionally, it fits in with their corporate view of business ie to be environmentally friendly and to maintain the highest safety standards.
  • You speak of an organic product, can I be assured of your commitment? We live in a world where millions of people now understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how that will in turn support a healthy world. However, there remains a small problem associated with claiming CBDPure as an organic product. That is because the US government through the FDA does not recognize CBD as a food – therefore it cannot officially call itself organic. Nonetheless, CBDPure does everything that would ordinarily give it the appellation of being classed organic. They definitely walk the extra mile. The fields are tested for toxins, only non-GMO seeds are sown, no pesticides or herbicides are ever used in the fields, fertilizers are natural, harvesting is done mechanically or manually, only CO2 is employed in extraction, and during the bottling process naturally extracted hemp-oil is used.
  • How long can I keep CBD for? Keep it away from light and tightly sealed and in a cool dry spot. I have seen manufacturers instructions that recommend it can be kept for 1 to 2 years.
  • Why is the CBD oil sometimes called a tincture? Tinctures have been made for centuries and traditionally roots, berries or leaves were soaked in alcohol. A traditional cannabis tincture would have been made with buds and or leaves soaked in brandy or whiskey. You can imagine the potency of some of those tinctures!


Anxiety and CBD Oil

What is the best CBD oil for anxiety?

“Anxiety is the Zeitgeist of the 21st century” – a quote of mine, although hardly that astute or mind-blowing, will I believe, live on long after I have shuffled off this mortal coil. I can say it without contradiction because Google has estimated that there are almost 600 million sufferers, world-wide, with this condition. In the US, Google has offered more information: 18.1%, or 40 million adults aged between 18 and 54 are affected by anxiety – these are truly shocking figures when one remembers that we have known for decades that anxiety is a ferociously debilitating illness. And the sad thing is that it makes these monumental figures even more credible because we know too that the poor, the undernourished, and suffering are even more likely to experience torment from this contagion.


Anxiety disorders are the most common and ubiquitous medical conditions in the United States, and world-wide according to WHO.


I am keen to get stuck into the subject of Anxiety because it is obviously a colossal problem affecting a vast slab of the human population. Granted, access to CBD is quite clearly limited but you will surely, in time, see my point that it is a magnificent way to treat Anxiety Disorder. I am living proof of it.


To many folk in the western world, especially the elderly ie those from my generation, anxiety has had an inoffensive, almost harmless reputation. Men rarely felt anxious – it was something the ladies experienced, but occasionally… In fact, according to more figures, this time published by the World Health Organization (WHO), this is ludicrous. Anxiety disorder is a grave medical condition.

Anxiety and CBD
Giants haunted castle

The United Nations statistics have, quite surprisingly, added Major Depressive Disorder or depression – as a part of Anxiety to their figures. On this site I shall always separate anxiety from depression. From my point of view and I am no psychologist, they are similar in many ways but so obviously different and why the UN should juxtapose them is odd. I for one have experienced anxiety but I am certainly not a depressive. Depression is like a gaunt giant’s castle that looms darkly over its millions of subjects, but Anxiety is complex enough to be treated as a separate province. And pretty cheerless too.


A special reason for my interest in Anxiety Disorder, as disclosed above, is that I am a sufferer. Friends and acquaintances, I know will scoff at this information. But it is true and I am confident that had I to stop my daily CBDPure dose, it would return with added venom.


Google has offered five types of Anxiety:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Each of these can cause the most egregious pain. However, diagnosis and treatment is not my field because I am here to offer help via CBD and CBDPure in particular. However, I feel that, at the very least, I can offer a layman’s explanation of anxiety:


It can be baffling and paradoxical – not at all like the glib descriptions found in some family magazines. Its etiology – ie its cause, is really unknown because it is always an amalgamation of issues. It also can cause more pain and suffering than many physical diseases. Although one thing is fairly well-known is that it tends to arrive early, often in the late teens. If you look at the five anxiety types listed above, what is interesting is that they are essentially very different conditions however, at times their symptoms can be very similar. Added to that, patients inside each category are wholly different from each other. As I said at the beginning of this paragraph – the condition can be baffling and paradoxical.


What is most disappointing I believe, is that anxiety responds very nicely to treatment and professionals estimate that only about one-third of sufferers actually take the step. From my experience, allied to masses of self-awareness – or so I fondly believe, quite the best being my choice to use CBDPure. It took away the mental stress and replaced it with an all-embracing calmness and self-confidence that even years later, still supplies me with a profound feeling of amazement. And joy, I might add.


So, if you do experience the following symptoms as a group – go and see your GP. He could then put you in touch with a clinical psychologist – who are, as a rule very good and can guide you in the right direction. I have also found that they, typically, have a positive attitude to CBD.

  • Apprehension and foreboding
  • Tiredness
  • Extreme and frequent headaches
  • Tension
  • Poor sleep
  • A feeling of agitation and even fear
  • Moodiness and grumpiness
  • Queasiness and perhaps vomiting
  • Lack of joy
  • Unhealthy interest in death and oblivion.


Obviously, one does not simply exchange any medication prescribed by a doctor or psychiatrist and use CBD. That is nonsensical. Rather, ask his opinion and perhaps begin by exchanging some pharmaceuticals with CBD. This is what I did, through my doctor, and it worked.


You could have only arrived here on this site by chance – by selecting ‘anxiety’ on the web and here you are. Boom! That is definitely serendipitous. Anxiety is something very subtle and even very dark I think, it has unnerved some very otherwise seemingly confident people. It is of special interest to me.


What I can suggest then in a couple of sentences, please take this opportunity to look into CBDPure – it is the very best in the world (just check at how rigorously it is tested) and it sells at an astonishingly sharp price. At $0.09 per mg for the 600 bottle, I say give it a whirl! Otherwise, if you like, please goto ‘Order CBDPure Online’ on this site for more information.



Pain and CBD Oil

I have already referred to myself as a survivor – and I am immensely proud of the title. But consider the survivors who are very young – not yet in their teens and some even younger. They are the ones who should be cheered, not decrepit old farts like me.


It is the ‘pain’ that binds us together, down through the ages. We all know of people who with blessed ‘unknowingness’ are able to live a lifetime without ever experiencing real pain – perhaps they might say, “I’ve had some jolly painful headaches though” but the pain that comes and overwhelms you so you wonder that it is possible to even experience its intensity for even a single second more – that is completely foreign to these ‘most fortunate,’ folk. I have written two posts on pain that may interest you: “The best CBD oil for pain” and “CBD and neuropathic pain”. I urge you to read them.


Both those posts are mostly about long-term pain. This pain means that you should consult with a doctor about pain relief and in this context, with using CBD. But pain can be intense and short-term – for instance a broken leg. Here the individual could decide themselves whether to use CBD.


Then of course there are the milder and niggling examples of pain where CBD is absolutely ideal for pain relief. Think of those with arthritis for instance, It has the apparent ability to ease pain and this has been shown countless times.


Here below are some health conditions – in no particular order, mostly causing pain of varying intensity – but some that are relatively pain-free like acne. All those listed do appear to experience relief when treated with CBDPure:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis pain and joint neuropathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • fibromyalgia pain
  • muscoskeletal pain
  • malaria
  • menstrual symptoms
  • gout
  • constipation.
  • nausea and vomiting
  • epilepsy
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • opioid withdrawal
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • broken limbs
  • diabetes
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • schizophrenia
  • ADHD
  • heart disease


A study published in the journal Pain in December 2017 analyzed whether CBD could prevent osteoarthritis pain and joint neuropathy. Based on their findings, researchers affirmed that it did both because it decreased joint inflammation and served as a protectant to the nerves.


CBD oil has been found to relieve other chronic pains as well. For instance, research published in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management indicates that cannabinoids have been helpful with easing pain for individuals diagnosed with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and cancer.


Other studies have reported positive effects for individuals taking CBD to ease their fibromyalgia pain, many of whom only experienced mild side effects from this chemical compound, such as dry mouth, drowsiness, and dizziness.

Insomnia and CBD

Best CBD Oil for Insomnia
                      Resting Bengal Tiger

Maximus does know a thing or two about ‘good sleeping’ and indeed, ‘rotten sleeping’, so let us have a FAQ with him and establish what kind of lifestyle you as an insomniac might have. Hopefully, even just a tweak of your behavior could see your sleep improve directly.


In general, sleep is a critically important part of living. After all, you do spend a massive amount of time in your bed and sleep is just as important as food and water. If you don’t take care of the amount and quality of your sleep, you will, sooner or later, experience very serious health problems.



  • I work long hours as a businessman, should I do any exercise because when I get home I am already weary? I am assuming that your implication here is that you may be weary but you sleep badly. So yes, please exercise even if you start with a walk around the block. Not only is it good for your muscles but a walk can be very calming and even uplifting. This will surely translate into a better sleep. Please read the other FAQs because they will apply to you.
  • I am told that it is bad to sit for too long. Indeed, it is. I am over 80 and I always stand when I work on my laptop. Being a naturally lazy fellow and a commercial sailor, I must have spent a lifetime on my bum so the small move of standing at my laptop may even have been a lifesaver.
  • Do you think I should start running or cycling or going to gym? One thing that is fairly common knowledge is that many people take out gym contracts only to give up after a month or two. It’s a big commitment and requires a steely purpose which not everyone possesses. If you succeed, you will obviously look terrific but you won’t necessarily live longer. Please read my essay ‘Live for a 100 years’ on this site.
  • What about going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time? That now is a very good idea that has been shown to work.
  • I like checking up and chatting with friends on Instagram and Snapchat before I sleep. This now has been shown to degrade the quality of your sleep ie the blue light emanating from your cellphone or laptop or TV which is of a shorter wavelength than say your bedside lamp. That’s why it is OK to read a book before you go to sleep. It is also a very relaxing way to end the day.
  • CBD Oil and insomnia
                 Snoring man, despairing wife.

    I have a baby and my husband snores, I am suffering from insomnia and am continually exhausted. Yours is a common complaint, space is often limited and babies can be very difficult and demanding. You say you have insomnia and perhaps you have even seen your doctor. If not, please call on him. For a good sleep to occur, there must be peace and harmony. While the baby is little and you are struggling I would suggest you ask your husband, in the short-term, to sleep in the living-room – if that is possible of course. I may appear hesitant because in our cities, not everyone has the luxury of a separate bedroom. Babies benefit from routine, so try to establish a regular time for supper, for bath and for sleep. Similarly, with yourself, plus stay away from watching TV (if you can) and certainly do not consume alcohol or coffee for supper. Most importantly, I would consume a small dose of CBDPure before bedtime. My own experience is that a fairly small dose settles me wonderfully and my sleep time becomes a pleasure.

  • I am now in my sixties and I love an afternoon nap. Would this interfere with my sleep because I do wake up for about an hour every night after sleeping for about 4 hours. After going to sleep, we go through cycles which I am told, each last for roughly 90 minutes. It would appear that you tend to wake up after the first three stages of Non-Rem sleep when your body is entering the first stage of Rem sleep. What you must remember is that all sleep is interspersed with brief moments of wakefulness as we enter a new stage. Mostly we do not even remember them. I suggest then that you just try to hold onto your sleep by relaxing, breathing slowly and enjoying the ambient temperature. This does bring up a concern: you don’t perhaps wake up because you are too hot do you? It is very important that you try to maintain an optimum temperature in your bedroom of about between 60 to 67F (15 – 19C). Temperature is extremely important for a good nights sleep. However, if you do find yourself wide awake this is a marvelous time to think of the many things that you may have overlooked during your busy day.
  • Eat less and live longer
              A magnificent dish of shrimp pasta

    I have only one real meal per day and that’s at night when I get home from work. I am a big man and my wife always prepares a wonderful feast; we always drink wine and often port after eating our pudding. Although quite honestly, my wife who is tiny, eats a  fraction of what I eat. I find that I get very sleepy after dinner, but my sleep is atrocious with the result that when the weekend arrives I sleep most of Saturday and Sunday. I am always so tired. What can I do? The way you have expressed yourself, I suspect that you know the answer already. You suffer from sleep deprivation during the week because of the gargantuan meals you treat yourself to. Additionally, you are eating yourself into an early grave. It is impossible to eat like you do and then sleep successfully. Your wife appears to set great store in the magnificent dinners she prepares for you. Your best bet would be to call on your GP and speak to him about your dilemma. He, I’m sure would happily phone and tell your wife that the feasting on your part must stop. Supper must become a light meal.

  • Should you suffer from sleep apnea or nocturia: these are conditions that require your GP’s advice.
  • I work in a busy office, I have three children at school and I am a hard-working housewife. During the weekend I like to play tennis. I have had a strong feeling for a number of years that I do not get enough sleep even though I spend at least 8 hours in my bed, I feel restless. I remember the years before I first took CBDPure. Certainly, there were times of pain but my feelings of restlessness started expanding and to morph into anxiety. And this anxiety really began to affect what little good sleep that remained. When I started taking CBDPure I can remember, as if it were yesterday, how one morning I woke up to realize that I felt as if I was a completely new person. It was an astonishing moment.


After working through the above FAQs, I have made up a short QUIZ for you to take:

  • Are you physically active during the day?
    Why it is important to stay active
    How Sitting too Long affects the Body.

    If you are office-bound, do you perhaps stand at your desk while working on your computer?

  • Do you exercise regularly for example by running, cycling or going to gym?
  • Do you go to bed and rise at about the same time each day?
  • Do you relax for example, by reading a book, or having a hot bath, before you go to sleep?
  • Do you sleep alone in your bed and alone in your room?
  • Is your bedroom quiet and properly curtained?
  • Are your mattress and your bed comfortable?
  • Do you refrain from drinking coffee and alcohol during the evening?
  • Do you refrain from watching TV or working on a computer before you go to bed?
  • Do you refrain from napping during the day?
  • Do you eat a light meal for supper at night?


If you can answer ‘yes’ to at least 8 of the 12 questions, then in this modern 21st century lifestyle, you are doing pretty well. That is 2/3rds or say 67%. Of course there will be bed-ridden and elderly people who perhaps are suffering from some form of dementia who could still score highly but have an awful lifestyle. So this questionnaire is badly flawed. I confess that I, as an older man, took the quiz and could only score 7/12 or 58%. Not good at all, but in my defense it does show how otherwise healthy I am – or, perhaps even more telling, I take CBDPure every day!. I have been very sick in the past and have recovered amazingly – partly because of CBDPure, and my sleep is really excellent. CBDPure prepares and aligns you beautifully for this most important time of day. This means that even though I barely passed my test above, I am still having ‘good sleeps’.



It has been a real pleasure writing this. But this is not the end because I shall, in the future, add more. But for the moment I must get my website up and running again.

Best wishes to you all



FDA Disclosure 

Please note that the statements above, with reference to CBDPure, marijuana and CBD have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. Users should not disregard, or delay in obtaining, medical advice for any medical condition they may have, and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.









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